Dies ist das archivierte jawl.

jawl bedeutet „just another Weblog“ und war vom 6.4.2001 bis zum 4.1.2018 das Blog von Christian Fischer. Das Blog wird nicht mehr weiter geschrieben, bleibt aber als Archiv online. ’cause: Don’t change a running URL ;)


if I told you he was your brother
we could reminisce
then you would go about your day
if I said you ought to give him
some of your water
you’d shake your canteen and walk away
the perception that divides you from him
is a lie
for some reason you never asked why
this is not a black and white world
you can’t afford to believe in your side
this is not a black and white world
to be alive
I say that the colors must swirl
and I believe
that maybe today
we will all get to appreciate
the beauty of gray

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