Dies ist das archivierte jawl.

jawl bedeutet „just another Weblog“ und war vom 6.4.2001 bis zum 4.1.2018 das Blog von Christian Fischer. Das Blog wird nicht mehr weiter geschrieben, bleibt aber als Archiv online. ’cause: Don’t change a running URL ;)

Vorschläge Nummer 1?

Durch Anke hab ich diesen Star Treck-Personality-Test gefunden.
Also Englisch herauskramen, Zeit nehmen und …Energie!

Bei jedem andern würde ich mich jetzt für den Link bedanken.
Sorry, Anke, aber das hat Herr Lück versaut – hope you know how it’s meant.
Myers-Briggs would say that you are an ISTJ (Introvert, Sensor, Thinker, Judger). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Spock and Miles O’Brien.


People like you are generally logical, honest and upfront. You get impatient with phonies and people who are disorganized, though you keep your reactions to yourself, as you’re usually cautious and quiet, though not timid.


Others find you reliable and will count on your being there in times of need. You make a loyal and responsible friend, though only when others remember that you’re conservative in nature.


You’re literal, realistic, and practical. You’re a hard worker who does very well in highly detailed situations, as you’re careful and precise.

Kommt hin.

You are also somewhat resistant to change and comfortable with routine.


When change occurs, you’ll be the last one to fit it into your routine, but you’ll become an expert in time. You work much better to adapt to change when you see practical benefits.

Auch das.

Your primary goal in life is to be of service and do your job well. Your best rewards are to be listened to and to be acknowledged for your hard work.

Tun wir das nicht alle? Wohl nicht, sonst wäre es nicht erwähnt.

Good careers for your type are operations officer, chief information officer, database administrator, police detective, and science officer.

Oh. Naja, Datenbank Admin kommt jas manchmal hin. Aber mir fehlt der kreative Aspekt :-)

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