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jawl bedeutet „just another Weblog“ und war vom 6.4.2001 bis zum 4.1.2018 das Blog von Christian Fischer. Das Blog wird nicht mehr weiter geschrieben, bleibt aber als Archiv online. ’cause: Don’t change a running URL ;)


Kleine Nachlese.
Wie bei TheMM schon so schön angemerkt, hat Tony Levin auf seiner Seite ein Tourtagebuch.

At tonight’s show, I think a keyboard was misplaced, causing loomed cables to cross – the result was something like Tokyo Station at rush hour – more and more crew coming onstage, pulling at cables, pushing the drum riser around, as we played, danced, and everything and everybody was moving. I heard later that the my bass tech, Michele, had to quickly break by hand one of the lead cable going to my pedal board or the board would have been dragged through the drum kit.
I just looked for a safe place to stay out of the way of crew and moving cables. But tonight there wasn’t any. So playing, singing, dancing, and jumping cables, we all had a great time with the piece. I’d love to see a slow motion film of tonight’s rendition.

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